P&C Fundraising

Manly Village Public School have a wonderfully dynamic Parents & Citizens (P&C) Association. One of the main aims of the P&C is to improve the school experience for every child (beyond that which the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) provides) in a non-political, non-discriminatory manner. All parents and carers are welcome to attend meetings and join the P&C anytime during the year. The P&C meets on the 2nd Monday of the month in the school library at 7pm. By being a current member and attending P&C meetings you have the opportunity to vote on how funds are spent and discuss many aspects of the school.

P&C have funded:
* Shade cloth in the playground
* Technology upgrades
* New playground upgrades
* Learning support officers in classrooms
* Furnishings for the Interior flexible space centre
* Playground basketball hoops
* Playground upgrades
* And many more over the years....

P&C Social Committee and Canteen organise each year:
* Welcome back BBQ (Term 1)
* School Disco - K-2 and Yr 3-6
* Grandfriends Day BBQ
* Mother's Day Breakfast
* Father's Day Breakfast
* Parent Christmas Party (Term 4)
* Year group nights out at the start of the year

MVPS P&C are involved with a huge array of projects throughout the school, capturing a broad range of interests and talents of our parent volunteers.

These include grounds, canteen, 2nd hand uniform shop, band, fundraising, school magazine, Year 2 fundraising and Manly Markets. All of these requiring parent volunteers to continue so if you would like to volunteer your time and skills please email mvpspandc@gmail.com

Year 2 Fundraising

Traditionally, each year at MVPS the Year 2 parents become the chief fundraisers for the P&C. Over the last few years the P&C have used these funds to upgrade the playground, purchase new technology for the children and improve the school's internet connection. These initiatives are voted on at P&C meetings by members.

The reason why Year 2 has been identified as the major fundraising year is because it allows parents of Kindy and Year 1 children to settle into the school environment and provides the opportunity for parents to become familiar with the school. So, by the third year at the school you should be able to identify improvements that can be made and that will be enjoyed by your children in the remaining four years at MVPS. Fundraising is a great opportunity for parents, carers and children to work together as a group and collaborate with their peers to come up with ideas to raise funds and execute the best of these, in order to achieve our fundraising objective for the better of the school community.

It is recommended that the Year 2 fundraising committee be formed very early in the year (term 1) in order to develop fundraising initiatives,  seek endorsement by the P&C and approval from the school executive committee, and then to plan and implement fundraising events.  In addition it is encouraged that Year 2 parents attend P&C meetings from the start of the school year to keep the P&C informed, be a part of the decisions and understand the process involved in decisions made.

Past fundraising initiatives have been:
* Walkathons/colour run
* Movie night
* Art auction
* Trivia nights
* Fashion parade
* Tea towel sales of kids drawings
* Silent auction events
* Market stalls at MVPS markets held monthly
* Bake stalls

Year 6 Fundraising

Year 6 parents and carers fundraise in the final year of primary school to cover costs for Year 6 graduation and end of year celebrations. The Year 6 children can build great memories and enjoy being involved with the advertising, helping at the stalls and baking. Most of the Year 6 fundraising efforts are also a service to the school. Year 6 parents liaise with the Year 6 teacher who is in charge of graduation activities. Again, all fundraising initiatives must be approved by the school executive committee. This fundraising is separate to P&C fundraising and hence has limited involvement from the P&C other than to minimise scheduling conflicts as well as limiting competing fundraising events.

Fundraising organised by Year 6 parents in final year:
* Cross Country Icy Poles
* Mother's Day stall
* Father's Day stall
* Election Day BBQs - if they occur in that year
* Bake sales
* Crazy sock day - approved by the school
* Outside of school fundraising events (movie night 2018 at Curl Curl)

Fundraising throughout the year - pays for:
* Year 6 gift to the school (approved by the school)
* Year 5 & 6 disco - invitations, DJ costs, decorations, drinks
* Teachers to attend the Year 6 graduation dinner
* Year 6 teacher & executive staff flowers/gift
* Graduation cake for year 6 kids

Year 6 gifts to the school in the past have included:
* Sports house and MVPS flags
* Mascots for sport carnivals
* Garden upgrades - hanging garden & pots in garden bed
* Art works and Murals around the school (inside and out)
* Lectern and table cloth for graduation ceremony

 Please note: The school does not permit the use of Go Fundraise Me pages and websites similar to collect money for fundraising.