Manly Village Public School has a vibrant and exciting band program, offering students a wonderful opportunity for both musical enrichment and personal growth, in a fun, enjoyable and supportive environment.

There are about 95 students currently participating in 3 bands, which are directed by professional conductors. Along with 2 weekly rehearsals, the children have the opportunity to perform at various performances throughout the year plus attend a fun filled intensive 2 day band camp.

The program is run by a dedicated volunteer parent committee under the guidance of the band director and in partnership with the school.


There are many proven benefits to a student's personal development in playing in a band other than learning to play an instrument. Not only can it help develop co-operation, responsibility, commitment and team spirit, it can also lead to increased maturity, self-discipline, concentration, focus and improved listening skills. Importantly it can also increase self-confidence and self-esteem and help develop positive peer relationships with other band members.

We invite you and your child to join this special part of the school community.


The Band Program is structured to develop the instrumental performance for students from Years 3 to 6 in incremental stages with students progressing through the following three bands.

  • Training Band - This is the entry-level band and is open to any Year 3-6 student wishing to learn a concert band instrument. No previous musical knowledge is necessary. It allows students to become confident with their new instruments in an environment that is both supportive and fun

  • Intermediate Band – Students’ generally progress to the Intermediate Band after a year, when they have reached a standard that is well beyond beginners’ level. Students are challenged with a broad repertoire of more difficult concert pieces.

  • Senior Band - This band is made up of more accomplished students who have at least two years’ experience on their instruments. Entry is by audition and students will play more challenging and complex pieces.

Each band rehearses twice per week as follows :


Morning 8am


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How To Join

The band registration process starts in November. The process involves students registering their interest and instrument preferences, trialling instruments, a Parent Information Night and confirmation of which instrument your child has been allocated to play. While you can join at any time, it’s always great to have members start at the beginning of the year, particularly in the Training Band.


31st Oct 2019 Year 2 students will hear the training band play, then partake in the INSTRUMENT TRIAL After lunch an online application form will be emailed to all parents.
3rd Nov 2019Please fill in and return the application form by this date if your child is interested in joining the training band.
Thursday 7th NovemberPARENT INFORMATION evening at 6-7.15pm in the Library. Return the signed contract at the parent information night.
Wed 13th Nov 2019An email will be sent to parents detailing which instrument has been offered to your child.
Fri 15th Nov 2019Contracts due back. Please return to the box marked Band 2019 in the School Office.

The Training Band performs for all the Year 2 students, demonstrating the instruments and how good the band can sound.

  • Immediately following the concert, all Year 2 students will have the opportunity to ‘have a go’ of each of these instruments for themselves. The Instrument Trial is conducted under the guidance of specialist tutors. Students will be able to see which instruments they like and which best suit them in terms of sound, ease of playing, size and weight. Children will be given a feedback card to bring home giving the parent some guidance as to various instruments best suited for your child at this stage

  • An online Band application form is emailed to all Year 2 families that day, where parents can register their child to join the band along with their 3 instrument preferences.

  • The final allocation of instruments by the Band Director is based on the suitability of the instrument to the student, instrument ownership, and the balance of instruments across the band.

  • A parent’s information night is also held during November each year. This is a great opportunity to meet the Band Director, and meet members of the Band Committee and find out about the band program. We will talk about what is expected of your child if they commit to the band, costs involved, instruments and hire, tuition, rehearsals, performances and details about the annual band camp as well as give you the chance to ask questions.

  • Students and Parents will both be asked to complete and return a Code of Conduct Form, which outlines the commitment required to join the band program.

  • New Band Student Application Form.

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Students can choose to learn a range of instruments, and a well-balanced Training Band of approximately 30 students is composed of a broad range of instruments in roughly the following numbers:

Flute4 Trombone2
Clarinet4 Baritone/Euphonium2
Bass Clarinet1 Bass Guitar2
Alto Sax4 Percussion3-4
Tenor Sax1 Keyboard Percussion1
Trumpet4 Electric Keyboard1
French Horn 2

Given the need for this mix of instruments, please note that it may not always be possible to accommodate your child’s preferred instrument. If they are interested in being part of the Band Program, we encourage you to talk to them about other instruments and to nominate at least three choices.

Whilst the Band Program owns a number of instruments, which are available for students to hire, the stock is not sufficient to cater for the needs of all 3 bands. The needs of the training band is given priority and any residual instruments are then offered on a first come basis, to the other band members.

The following instruments have special qualities:

Bass instruments

Bass instruments such as trombone, baritone and euphonium are vital to the development and sound of the band. Competent players of these instruments are much sought after and are in high demand for high school, community and professional bands and there are often high school scholarships available for students playing these instruments.


The band percussion section has a range of instruments; these include un-tuned percussion such as drums and various hand held instruments. There are also tuned percussion instruments e.g. xylophone and glockenspiel. The school’s drum set is used for band practice and performances. Percussionists will need to purchase their own drumstick kit for school rehearsals. If your child continues with drums, it would be necessary for them to have their own drum kit by the time they reach a more advanced level.

Electric Keyboard

Keyboard players will use the school’s keyboards for band practice and performances. It is necessary for them to have their own keyboard or piano to practise on at home. There is generally only room for 1 keyboard player per 30 piece band and they generally reinforce bass lines reading bass clef parts. They are also able to alternate between electric keyboard and keyboard percussion, enabling them to also read treble clef.

Purchase or Hire of Instruments

Manly Village offers an instrument hire service. Instruments owned by the school include flutes, clarinets, bass clarinets, alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, trumpets, french horns, trombones, baritone, euphonium, glockenspiel and bass guitar. The cost of hiring an instrument through the school is approximately $60 a term.

The Band Program is responsible for general servicing of each instrument and this occurs at the end of each year. However, parents hiring instruments are responsible for the repair of any damage to an instrument and must meet the costs of these repairs.

All parents are encouraged to look towards purchasing their own instruments after the first year as it leads to a greater commitment to music and the band. Good quality instruments are an investment and hold their value over many years.

Percussionists will need to buy a set of drumsticks for training band. If they continue to Intermediate Band they will need to purchase a Mallet kit.


Costs and Fees

Band participation is an extra-curricular activity and as such is not funded by the school or the NSW Department of Education.

The band program is a not for profit organisation and incurs a range of expenses including the hire of the Band Director and Conductors, and the purchase of music and related equipment. Each semester band members will receive an invoice for band fees, including instrument hire if applicable.

Band fees in 2019 are approximately as follows:

Per Semester

Per Annum

Semester Fee $285 $570
Instrument Hire (if applicable) $120 $240
Band text book $15-$25
Percussion (maintenance Fee) $50
Band Camp $260


  • percussion students who use these instruments but do not take them home, are charged a maintenance fee of $50 per year;

  • A discount is offered where multiple siblings participate in the program;

  • Should your child lose their music folder, a replacement fee will need to be charged, and

  • Costs are subject to change given they are dependent on band numbers.

Private Tuition Fees

In addition to the Band Program, students are required to have a private 30 minute weekly lesson with a tutor. The cost per half hour is generally $25-40 and is organised and paid for by parents directly. The financial commitment for 40 lessons is ~ $1000-$1600.


Joining the Band program involves commitment of time and resources by both students and parents and we ask this commitment be made for the full year.

From students we ask:

  • to attend 2 rehearsals per week, all performances and band camp;

  • to be polite and cooperative to each other and to those who are responsible for the running of the band;

  • to treat instruments, particularly those on loan from the school, with utmost care and return them in the same or better condition than when received;

  • to keep music carefully in the folder provided and return it to the Conductor at the end of the year;

  • to practise their instrument and band pieces at home each week; and

  • to undertake a half hour private tuition lesson per week and practice homework set.

From parents we ask:

  • ensure students arrive at rehearsals on time;

  • to help set up chairs and music stands before rehearsal, mark the roll and assist with supervision twice a year;

  • volunteer to help with band camp and other performances/concerts, including transporting students and instruments;

  • prompt payment of band fees; and

  • to arrange and pay for a half hour private weekly tuition session.

We currently have a number of parents who regularly attend rehearsals. They help children learn their instrument and the music and also generally help in keeping the children focused. Some parents even bring along their own instrument and join in. We encourage and welcome any parent who would like to assist, to please come along.


For further information, please download the handbook by clicking on the link below.

MVPS Band Handbook

For any further information of if you wish to contact the Band Committee, please complete the form below.

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